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Interviewed by The DO for “Schooling premeds on Osteopathic medicine”

Last time I spoke to The DO, they wanted to know my own strategies for networking with physicians and students at conferences and online.  This time, they wanted my on-the-ground appraisal of a project called National ShaDO Week, which I

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A New Era & Leaving National SOMA

It’s been a wild ride keeping up with my local chapter as President while also being the National Website Director this past year.  Now, as I pass the baton to a new Director and a new President, both extremely competent,

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Reorganized Content on

As a part of the ongoing website renovation project for the Student Osteopathic Medical Association, I reorganized content around a more understandable fashion.  A major problem with a lot of IT systems is that they are designed with insiders in

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Resolution Submitted to SOMA House of Delegates

So my resolution has been accepted by SOMA and will be heard by the House of Delegates.  The goal of my resolution is to create a financial disincentive for hospitals to close residency programs without first allowing the trainees to

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Registered for OMED 2013 and Fall SOMA 2013, Start of Classes

Seems like I’m barely back from Chicago but I’m already registering for my next convention in Las Vegas at the end of September!  If you’re a student I highly recommend you sign up for both, the SOMA convention can be

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Chicago 2013 Wrap-up

  Well I’m back at my summer research fellowship until school starts up again after having spent an amazing week in Chicago.  Between serving on my state organization’s delegation to the American Osteopathic Organization House of Delegates, attending the Board

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Off to Chicago Conference 2013

Well in less than a day I’ll be heading off to the Summer Conference in Chicago for 2013, where I will be attending as SOMA National Webmaster, President of SOMA at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, as well as the

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I am now the Webmaster for SOMA!

As of April 2013 I have taken office as the official National Webmaster for the Student Osteopathic Medical Association.  During my tenure I hope to enact a complete redesign of the entire site, possible even a complete re-engineering, utilizing a

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