Chicago 2013 Wrap-up

Matt Flamenbaum

A professional photographer was on hand to make us all look good.


Well I’m back at my summer research fellowship until school starts up again after having spent an amazing week in Chicago.  Between serving on my state organization’s delegation to the American Osteopathic Organization House of Delegates, attending the Board of Trustees and National Board meetings at SOMA, or having dinner with the Presidents of two nationwide medical student organizations, I was mentally and physically exhausted yesterday well before my plane touched down in Philadelphia.  To say I was ecstatic to have my ideas presented not only before my fellow student leaders but also to the leadership of the Osteopathic profession in New Jersey would be a tremendous understatement, and I look forward even more to OMED 2013 in Las Vegas this fall.


One of the leaders at SOMA described this event to me best in that it really is a way for us to recharge our momentum; lacking contact with the other Osteopathic schools or leaders outside of our own little bubble can at times be fairly stifling.  However, getting to go out and interact and remember that there is a larger world out there (and that all the inhabitants of that world are awesome) is truly invigorating.

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