Interviewed by The DO for “Schooling premeds on Osteopathic medicine”

ShaDO Week on The DO

I was interviewed in The DO to discuss my experiences helping with the organization of Pre-SOMA’s ShaDO Week Event.

Last time I spoke to The DO, they wanted to know my own strategies for networking with physicians and students at conferences and online.  This time, they wanted my on-the-ground appraisal of a project called National ShaDO Week, which I managed at my school while president of the Rowan chapter of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA).

The article is a great read, and really gives a good idea about how the initiative is expanding opportunities for pre-medical students in Osteopathic medicine.

I personally was one of the many students here at RowanSOM that volunteered to accept a pre-med shadow, and had a great time giving him the low-down on what our school was like, and how to stand out on the application circuit.  As usual, I am quoted in the article as being confused (this seems to be a running theme).

“I really enjoyed having a mentee shadow me because I remember being there myself and being somewhat lost,” says Flamenbaum, who attends RowanSOM. “My mentee got to truly understand how medical school really works and experience some of the challenges ahead.”

As usual working with The DO was a lot of fun, and I look forward to speaking with them more in the future.  The next National ShaDO Week will be held during National Osteopathic Medicine Week (NOM Week) April 13-19, and RowanSOM will again be hosting a bunch of aspiring students.

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