Interviews, Electives, and Appointments, oh my! Welcome 2016!

Well I said “later this month” about 7 months ago, as usual. I have been all over the Philadelphia metro area the past several months. I started out by doing a Sub-Internship with my home school at Kennedy Memorial Hospital. Next up I jumped on over to Lankenau Medical Center for an awesome subspecialty elective in Gastroenterology. I learned a lot and got to explore another healthcare system from the inside for the first time!

In October I spent a month in the Intensive Care Unit at Geisinger Medical Center.  Getting there was interesting, as I left town during the Pope’s historic visit to Philadelphia, and my apartment was inside the mythical “exclusion zone” where driving was prohibited.  I have to say that Geisinger offered a lot of unique attributes being a major tertiary care center in such a rural setting!  I continue to love a lot of things about the ICU that I already liked about hospital medicine: Managing my own patients, having control of a rapidly evolving plan of care, and carefully balancing many .

November was my last away Sub-Internship of the fall at Albert Einstein Medical Center right here in Philadelphia.  As a large trauma center in the inner city, it gave me about as different a patient population from my prior month as possible.  Another great experience working with a great team!


Now that I’m writing this, I’ve officially finished all of my interviews, wrapped up my last few required courses and completed all of my exams.  All that’s left is Guatemala in April, Match, and Graduation!

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