Another Year Another COMLEX

So I’m in the throes of studying, this time I’m spending more time in Philadelphia instead of the library.  It’s amazing what access to caffeine all day can do for productivity, and also unfortunately for a sleep schedule.  I’ve been trying to use twitter more, so I’ve thrown that up onto the main page for anyone who is interested.  And hey speaking of social media, I’m on Doximity now!  Too bad my wordpress theme doesn’t have a little Doximity badge for the bottom of the page.  Maybe I’ll whip one up someday…


I will also be rotating around Philadelphia for fourth year electives, and I’ll post again with updates on that probably later this month. Probably.


Sadly this will also be the first year since I entered school that I won’t be able to attend the American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates in Chicago.  A sad story, but with any luck maybe I’ll be there next year when I’m an intern? (I’m not holding my breath!)

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